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About EtherGuide Systems

EtherGuide Systems was created with a simple purpose: to develop and market systems that empower broadcasters, cable television systems and webcasters to electronically inform viewers and prospects of individual program offerings.  That development effort led to the development of our electronic "deep credits" technology.

Almost seven years ago, we contemplated integrating our technology with PSIP generators that many ATSC broadcasters employ to publish schedules using the ATSC A/65 Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP).  Several broadcast chief engineers gave us a frank assesment of their "state-of-the-art" PSIP generators, which one termed a "$30,000 piece of [stuff]."  Despite knowing the difficulties involved in linking a multitude of broadcast "traffic" systems with state-of-the-art technology, we decided to develop our own PSIP generation and transmission systems rather than trying to partner with any other company in the field.  Our utmost concern in developing PSIP transmission systems was reliability, followed by ease of use..

When, after several years of development, we began to contemplate testing the MPEG-2 packet output of EtherGuide Emissary, our PSIP generator, we quickly realized that all the transport stream testing and validation systems were all too expensive to even rent, were much too difficult to use, and many if not most were based upon outdated versions of specifications.  More timely equipment was even MORE expensive than the older equipment..

So, we developed EtherGuide Ferret, a transport stream monitoring and validation system permitting anyone at your station, in a glance from across the room, to determine if a problem exists with your transport stream, and empowering technical staff to quickly understand the importance of any issues and determine what corrective measures, if any, need to be undertaken..

Now, that we have working PSIP generation and ATSC transport-stream validation systems, we're working on our initial goal;  empowering broadcasters, cable television systems and webcasters to inform their viewers and prospects electronically of individual program offerings, whether those customers or prospects are watching television, looking at a schedule on a tv station web site, or inquiring using a cell phone or other portable electronic device.

What sets EtherGuide Systems apart from the competition is our focus on transmission and publication of program schedules and broadcast metadata; our utter lack of artifice or attitude; our ability to make decisions without calling a meeting and our devotion to our customers and most importanly, our devotion to our customers, to the exclusion of almost all other concerns. 

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