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EtherGuide Systems Consulting Services

John M. Willkie, the developer of EtherGuide Emissary and EtherGuide Prophecy, is available for consulting concerning:

  • Acquisition of program schedules from one or more sources within a TV plant
  • Generating, transmitting and receiving of MPEG-2 Program Specific Information (PSI), ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP), ATSC MDTV (also known as M/H) systems layer, signaling and service guide.
  • Integration of PSIP generators into a broadcast or cable plant
  • Transport Stream conformance with the ATSC suite of protocol specifications (A/52, A/53, A/65, A/70, A/80, A/81, A/101
  • Use and deployment of Programming Metadata Communications Protocol (ATSC PMCP) interfaces and data exchange
  • Integration of legacy automation, traffic and program management into digital plants
  • Interfacing transport stream processing and transmission systems with disparate protocols
  • Conformance with Digital TV requirements of the Federal Communications Commission for ATSC protocols, PSIP and captioning information.

Consulting services can include the development of source or object code that will be the sole property of the client, but will not contemplate or include the disclosure or licensing of EtherGuide System source or object code, application software or systems.

One recent consulting client hired EtherGuide Systems to develop a metadata specification for including in MPEG-2 transport streams what we can only call a "new model of digital video."

For more information and a discussion of terms, call EtherGuide Systems on +1 619-567-9486, or send an email to [email protected]

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