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EtherGuide Emissary

reliable and powerful broadcast metadata generation software

For broadcasters who prefer broadcast metadata generation software running on their own dedicated computer hardware, EtherGuide Systems offers EtherGuide Emissary a 32-bit broadcast metadata generation system, offered under a site license, and which running under Microsoft Windows®.

EtherGuide Emissary, like all broadcast metadata generation systems from EtherGuide Systems, generates broadcast metadata with a degree of comoliance that is only limited by the information provided to the generation system.  Broadcast metadata output via UDP/IP format through an Ethernet port or DVB-ASI when a DVEO or Dektec output device is installed and configured on the computer running EtherGuide Emssary.

EtherGuide Emissary offers virtually all the features of our integral hardware-based broadcast metadata generation systems only in a 32-bit software application.

EtherGuide Emissary will run on a wide variety of dedicated computers running various versions of Microsoft Windows, based on system requirements. See the data sheet available at the link below for details.


Standard features

  • Install EtherGuide Emissary on multiple computer platforms for one price (standard version supports one transport_stream_id and a single account.)
  • Generate all mandatory PSIP tables plus Extended Text Tables (other tables and bit streams available as options or custom implementations)
  • No limits (beyond those imposed by applicable standards of your transport stream) on the number of virtual channels or hours of EPG listings transmitted
  • Automatically generates all mandatory descriptors (limited only by the information provided to the software)
  • Flexibly assign Event Information Tables and Extended Text Tables to free packet ids while remaining in compliance with standards and best practices
  • Minimize broadcast metadata bit rates and maximize hours of electronic program guide information by adjusting permissible table section repetition rates.
  • Includes ATSC A/76a Programming Metadata Communications Protocol (PMCP) data interface.  EtherGuide Systems will convert your existing data flows to PMCP at time of purchase, as needed.
  •  Includes full support (via PMCP) for® program listings.
  • System can be configured to generate MPEG-2 PAT and PMT sections syncronized with PSIP data output
  • User can easily configure EtherGuide Emissary to generate SCTE-65 Profile 6 ("Cable PSIP") output syncronized with PSIP.
  • Includes a dedicated instance of Microsoft SQL Server® for system reliability and extensibility.

Optional features

  • Generate MPEG-2 Conditional Access, ATSC Directed Channel Change, Directed Channel Change Selection Code and User Private Tables.
  • What features does your station require?

Custom implementations

EtherGuide Systems will customize EtherGuide Emissary systems with 5 or more concurrent licenses. Custom implementations can include:

  • Flexible, custom arrangement of EtherGuide Emissary instances, database servers, and output streams
  • Generation of ATSC MDTV signaling and signaling-in-advance
  • Generation of ATSC MDTV OMA BCAST Service Guide


Download: EtherGuide Emissary Data Sheet pdf logo


Purchase EtherGuide Emissary today and be generating dynamic PSIP tonight.

For more information on EtherGuide Emissary, including pricing, please contact EtherGuide Systems via telephone at +1 619-567-9486 or [email protected]


Computer hardware must meet or exceed specified system and operational requirements


Specifications subject without advance notice.

Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.Titan TV is a registered trademark of Decisionmark Corp.

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