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ATSC A/53 --Digital Television Standard

The ATSC A/53 standard describes how to transmit, using 8- and 16-VSB modulation, terrestrial and cable broadcasts. Like other MPEG "users" like DVB, ARIB and SCTE, ATSC A/53 builds upon the transport streams established in the MPEG-2 specification.

Broadcast Metadata provisions

The Digital Television standard has many sections which define and control metadata elements and aspects. While the MPEG-2 standard defines Program Association Table (PAT) and Program Map table (PMT) sections, the document is silent as to the transmission rate of these tables.

ATSC A/53 sets the repetition rates to be at least once per 100 ms for the PAT, and at least once every 400 ms per PMT section.

ATSC A/53 editions
A/52D.120050727Current edition

See: ATSC Standards

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