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Convert Date/Time to ATSC system_time

ATSC A/65 provides for signaling date and time in System Time Tables (STT) as event start times in Event Information Tables (EITs) using a 32-bit unsigned integer value that specifies the number of GPS seconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 AM on January 6, 1980.

This tool converts a UTC date/time to the appropriate ATSC system_time with the results given as a 'raw' 32-bit unsigned integer and the hexadecimal respresentation of that value. This tool automatically determines the approriate GPS_UTC_offset using the leap seconds published by International Bureau of Weights and Measures.


Select the date and time of day, then press 'calculate'

year   month   day   hour   minute   second  



For date and time values later than the current date and time, the greatest published value for GPS_UTC_offset is used in determing the date and time

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