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Event Information tables [ATSC Syntax]

Event Information table sections convey information about the "events" aired by a program service over a three-hour period. Events are linked to virtual channels by a source_id unique to the program service.

The event_id of a event is used to link to the event's description in an Extended Event Text table.

packetization characteristics
packet idunique pidt_s_ca_f_cp_u_s_ipointer_fieldlisted in MGT
per MGTper K-number'00''01'True0-182By k-number
ms per sectionsections per
EIT-k instance
instances per
virtual channel
bytes per
EIT bps
500 (rec.,EIT-0)25611024250,000
section syntax
syntaxbit index# of bitsmnemonic
table_id08203 / 0xCB
protocol_version64 80 / 0x00
for i = 1 to num_events_in_section
next i
Table section legend
Note: bit index is only indicated for the first time through a single loop of a subsection.

Event Information tables are called EIT-ks because they list the events for a three-hour "k" period for a particular virtual channel. EITs are linked to virtual channels via the source_id which is transmitted as the table_id_extension of the EIT-k.


ATSC M/H broadcasting has two elements that are equivalent to Event Information Tables. In ATSC M/H signaling (which is approximately equivalent to MPEG-2 Program Specific Information (PSI), the Service Map Table for ATSC M/H (SMT-MH) at the M/H service level, the M/H current program descriptor optionally provides the start time, duration in seconds and title of the current television program being aired on a particular ATSC M/H service.

The optional ATSC M/H Service Guide (approximately equivalent to PSIP in the main transport stream), can contain several XML fragments that relate to elements in Event Information Tables, including but not limited to Schedule and Content fragments. The ATSC M/H Service Guide provides much more extensive functionality than that provide by the Electronic Program Guide in PSIP. The additional functionality enables linking icons, images and even video clips with particular television programs or programming services.

This page was last modified on August 19, 2009 to add information about ATSC M/H equivalents to Event Information Tables.

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