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Table Sections [ATSC Syntax]

To explore the syntax and semantics of any of these table sections that are defined by ATSC specifications, click on individual table section links.

table_id Description definition syntax
199 / 0xC7 Master Guide table (MGT)A/65MGT
200 / 0xC8 Terrestrial Virtual Channel table (TVCT)A/65TVCT
201 / 0xC9 Cable Virtual Channel table (CVCT)A/65CVCT
Icon for Rating Region Table (RRT)202 / 0xCA Rating Region table (RRT)A/65RRT
203 / 0xCB Event Information table (EIT)A/65EIT
204 / 0xCC Channel Extended Text table (CETT)A/65CETT
204 / 0xCC Event Extended Text Table (EETT)A/65EETT
205 / 0xCD System Time table (STT)A/65STT
Icon for Data Event Table (DET)206 / 0xCE Data Event table (DET)A/90DET
207 / 0xCF Data Service table (DST)A/90DST
209 / 0xD1 Network Resources table (NRT)A/90NRT
Icon for Long Term Service Table (LTST)210 / 0xD2Long-Term Service table (LTST)A/90LTST
211 / 0xD3Directed Channel Change table (DCCT)A/65DCCT
212 / 0xD4Directed Channel Change Selection Code table (DCCSCT)A/65DCCSCT
214 / 0xD6Aggregate Event Information table (AEIT)A/81AEIT
Icon of Aggregate Event Text Table (AETT)215 / 0xD7Aggregate Extended Text table (AETT)A/81AETT
Icon of Aggregate Data Event Table (ADET)217 / 0xD9Aggregate Data Event table (ADET)A/90ADET
Icon for current Satellite Virtual Channel Table (SVCT)Icon for next Satellite Virtual Channel Table (SVCT)218 / 0xDASatellite Virtual Channel table (SVCT)A/81SVCT
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