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ATSC M/H Group [EtherGuide Glossary]

An ATSC M/H group is an organizational concept used in ATSC M/H transmission.

The diagram below illustrates the relationships between ATSC M/H Frames, ATSC M/H sub-frames and 8-VSB data frames.

relationship between 8-VSB data frames, ATSC M/H sub-frames and an ATSC M/H frame

Each 8-VSB data frame spans 624 MPEG-2 packets (938,496 bits). In ATSC M/H usage, each 8-VSB data frame can contain either 72 contiguous MPEG-2 packets (108,288 bits) and 552 contiguous ATSC M/H packets (830,208 bits) or, if no ATSC M/H data is present in a particular data frame, 624 MPEG-2 packets (938,496 bits).

Therefore, there are 12,480 packets totaling 18,769,920 bits in each ATSC M/H frame.

The organization of M/H Ensembles, M/H Groups and M/H Parades can dynamically change from one M/H Frame to the next.


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