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single program transport stream (SPTS) [EtherGuide Glossary]

Transport streams can contain one or more than one program service.

A transport stream that offers just one program service is called a single program transport stream. If a transport stream offers more than one program service, it is a multiple program transport stream.

Program streams only offer a single program service. The table below gives the packet assigment details of a transport stream with a single program service. Pursuant to ATSC standards, a single program transport stream can have a maximum of one video stream, and essentially an unlimited number of audio streams.

typical ATSC SPTS program elements
packet iddescriptiontypical bps
0 / 0x0000Program Association table (PAT)15,000
48 / 0x0030Program Map table (PMT)4,000
49 / 0x0031MPEG-2 Video, captions4,500,000
52 / 0x0034AC-3 Audio400,000
6000 / 0x1770EIT-010,000
6001 / 0x1771EIT-15,000
6002 / 0x1772EIT-22,500
6003 / 0x1773EIT-31,250
8187 / 0x1FFBPSIP_base_pid15,040
8191 / 0x1FFFnull packets150,400

If you ended up on this page after a Google search for ATSC M/H items such as ATSC M/H frames, ATSC M/H sub-frames, or ATSC M/H parade, we're sorry. Google seems to get confused about these new search terms.


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