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MPEG-2 Program Specific Information (PSI)

MPEG-2 PSI is information that is transmitted periodically by MPEG-2 transport streams to aid in the tuning of program services and to associate MPEG-2 program elements with MPEG-2 program services, which are also called virtual channels.

As a practical matter, PSI is the Program Association table, Program Map table, and optional Conditional Access tables and Transport Stream Description tables.

ATSC PSIP and DVB-SI are complementary System Information (SI) technologies that build upon MPEG-2 PSI.


All broadcast metadata generators from EtherGuide Systems, including EtherGuide Prophecy, EtherGuide Emissary and EtherGuide Sincronizada can be user configured to generate ATSC-compliant dynamic MPEG-2 Program Association Table and, as needed, Program Map Table sections which can be syncronized with PSIP and, if so configured, SCTE-65 output. As options, all EtherGuide Systems broadcast metadata generators can be provisioned to provide Conditional Access tables and Transport Stream Description tables.


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