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ATSC terrestrial transport_stream_id lookup

This handy utility provides, when presented with a digital transport_stream_id or an analog television_station_id, information on the associated United States of Canadian television station. 


EtherGuide Systems has acquired the underlying data from national regulatory authorities.  All efforts have been made to provide accurate information, but the information is provided as-is, with no implied or express warranty. 


If you know of a definitive source of transport_stream_ids for ATSC stations in South Korea, Honduras, Mexico or Taiwan and would like this page to reflect that data as well, please point us to the information so that these sources of ATSC transport_stream_ids can be added to the EtherGuideSystems.com database.


This tool shall only be used for non-commercial purposes.  In the past, at least one of our competing vendors of PSIP generators used this tool to update their database in bulk. 


Companies that provide systems, equipment or services that either inject PSIP/PSI data into transport streams or that extract PSIP/PSI data from transport streams (or both), or their agents, employees, officers, consultants, advisors or others acting in concert with or at the suggestion of same that will or intent to provide the results of this tool to such persons or entities are forbidden to use this tool, for even a single lookup.


Violations of this condition of use are subject to litigation by EtherGuide Systems for recovery of expenses and unfair business practices (or other theories of recovery, without limitation) under United States or state law, or both.


All others are welcome to use this tool for non-commercial purposes.

enter tsid value (decimal; or hexadecimal preceded by '0x')


All uses of this tool are monitored by EtherGuide Systems, and all use is subject to the terms of service of this web site.

When users of EtherGuide Emissary need to select a television station in creating or revising Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data, the data behind this utility insures the selected television station is the desired one, just one of the 'idiot-proof' features of EtherGuide Systems products and systems.


This page was last modified on August 15, 2009, to reflect the presence of information on some Canadian television stations, and to clarify some language.

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